A Different Perspective to Instagram

While browsing Instagram this afternoon it came to me how great Instagram really can be. Over the past several months I’ve found myself using Instagram to search for and review personal things like #braidhairstyles and #browneyes #makeup for days I’m feeling confident, #mealprep and #30dayfitness #challenge for new “get fit” goal ideas with a friend, @reillysribcage for when I am curious about a new food joint in town and can quickly see their food looks amazing ?? I use it to check out car parts, and can research how different mods may look on my Mustang before I take the leap and purchase.

From finding products and real-person reviews, to seeing if a business is open before a snow storm, Instagram is a place where businesses and ideas and creativity are promoted. It’s a place to quickly and easily find pictures of things for those visual learners who can’t quite interpret the whole picture through words. It’s a place to find tutorials, and hear how things sound. What a place looks like on any given day.

For those who think that people post too much to social media, or the Internet in general, I appreciate those who do (for more than just the obvious social media investigation side of me). I almost want to see it as people providing back to the “community” what people of those interests might want to see. Through proper tagging, people searching for those tags can see what behind-the-scenes for so many different things. The images aren’t pulled of business or personal websites that may or may not have anything to do with what you’re searching for, but are pulled from people’s experiences and perspective who share them on Instagram.  It’s easier for the general population to spin up an Instagram account than it is to create a website. More people do it. I personally have two Instagram accounts for two different branches of interests, but only one website. Being someone who has always wanted a decent app that allows you to take a picture of something and be able to “Google” it accurately, I thank Instagram for being a popular and easy way for everyone to participate in further tagging the Internet, and the world.

One thought on “A Different Perspective to Instagram

  1. Wow! For once a well-said positive commentary about our “addiction” to social media & our devices. I learn SO much more daily now that we/I have this kind of access. It never used to be like this, you had to ask someone, use books or the library, blah blah blah. Now it is instantaneous. Poof, you’re out of the dark! I mean, I don’t use any of this stuff for negative-anything so I am always feeling the joy of it but I know how dangerous it could be, too. Anyway, I LOVE to get lost on Instagram myself, it is fun, inspiring, and I have connected with so many people in so many different communities. Now, let’s just hope the internet, social media, and so on and so forth don’t get ruined by unenlightened bozos with their cheap thrills and weak natures.

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