HTCIA Conference Recap

I know it’s been almost a month since the HTCIA Conference that was hosted in Hershey, PA, but life’s been busy lately. Anyways, to cut to the chase…

The HTCIA Conference was absolutely incredible. Great people, great food, great knowledge, and LOTS of chocolate!

I flew into Harrisburg Airport Sunday night, and stayed at a hotel across the street from the Hershey Lodge (where the conference was held).

Sunday night I decided to wander over to the lodge to find where I had to go to avoid confusion the following morning. Wandering the halls of the hotel, I ran into the second VP of the association, who gave me a tour of the location. He showed me where to register, where to get lab tickets, and where the lectures were generally going to be held. Either way, I say thank you to him, because he saved me a lot of stress.

So I know that I posted the lectures and labs that I signed up for (that I planned on attending), but some of those changed. They opened up additional labs as a first-come-first-serve, so I was able to attend a couple more labs in replacement for lectures.

Lectures & Labs & Notes — if you can decipher my notes, bonus points for you.

Monday’s Schedule:

  • Lecture: Solid State Drives – A true game changer in computer forensics!
  • Lab: iOS Forensics in a BYOD World
  • Lab: Network Forensics – The Final Frontier (Until the Next One)


Tuesday’s Schedule
  • Lecture: Finding Evidence in a Brave New World
  • Lab: Cerberus – Malware Triage and Analysis without the Sandbox
  • Lecture: Forensic Analysis of Malware and Intrusion Artifacts
  • Lecture: Best Practices to Smartphone Forensics

Wednesday’s Schedule

  • Lecture: Challenges in Analyzing Full Communication Information from Mobile Devices
  • Lab: HB Gary Memory Analysis

Overall it was a great experience. Learned a lot of cool stuff that I was able to bring back to the table at home base, and got some pretty neat swag!

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