Volatility (in chemistry) — the property of changing readily from a solid to a vapor
Volatility (in finance) — a measure of price variation over time
Volatility (in technology field) — when memory loses its contents when the device is turned off
Volatility (in computer forensics) — an open source set of forensic tools used to extract artifacts from memory used for incident response and malware analysis
Volatility (in Corrie’s world) — being easily excited and excitable…about the next 4 weeks

This month, Volatility (the forensic kind) is starting the Month of Volatility Plugins (MoVP) where they are releasing new plug-ins every day in anticipation for the new release of Volatility 2.2. According to the blog, “Each plugin will describe a brand new capability exclusive to Volatility that deals with analyzing Windows or Linux RAM dumps for malware infections or compromises.”

Sound pretty neat. They’ve only released three new plugins, and already it looks pretty neat. Take a look!

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