About Corrie


Equal parts forensics and malware, with a dash of security and a whole lot of passion is what you’ll find here.

While pursuing my Bachelors in Computer & Digital Forensics at Champlain College, I developed a strong excitement for all things malware forensics.  That passion landed me my first job out of college at a fortune 500 financial company in western Massachusetts. There I was able to expand on the malware analysis research I had already done in my undergrad, and had my first taste of forensics in the IR world. Now, there’s no going back. I completed my Masters in Digital Forensic Science (also at Champlain) and moved to New Jersey to do IR and forensics at NBCUniversal, where I currently reside. Within the first several years of my career, I’ve given talks at HTCIA chapter conferences, worked on numerous types of forensic cases spanning multiple platforms, developed content for a Malware Analysis course at Champlain, provided in-country IR for the duration of the Rio Olympics, and have analyzed hundreds and hundreds of malware samples to the point where I can identify a malware family based on a process tree. Other people’s bad security days are my good days, and I get the same energy from a malware attack as a normal person would after drinking a few cups of coffee.

“Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”